Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ed Klein watch

The headline says, "Hil book an insult to conservatives," so I thought the article was going to be about, you know, the Hil book being an insult to conservatives. Silly me.

Instead it's about Richard Cohen insulting conservatives:
Right-wingers are the useful idiots of our times and while they have their occasional left-wing counterparts, the lefties will not buy essentially the same book over and over again — if only because they lack the funds.

Quick question here: Stalin called enemies that helped him "useful idiots"; so right-wingers are useful to whom?

But beyond the correlative-free rhetoric of the left, I can guarantee that you won't see Ed Klein ensconced in the presidents' box at the 2008 Republican convention with George Bush (either one) sitting affably beside him.

This is an update to an earlier post on Klein's book. I've been tracking the reactions, but the updates are getting lost in the blogstream.

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