Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm down with this one, too

Quite the week for me, what with joining one thing and another.

Today, it's Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts.

Here's their statement of purpose:
Now we want to be perfectly clear: we aren't saying that Judge Roberts is gay. But if he is, we still support him. We hope you will too.
As I understand it, he was part of a case arguing that the State of Colorado had the right to modify its laws to ensure that gays have equal rights. I wouldn't vote for such a law, because I'm not persuaded that gays are lacking any guaranteed rights.

On the other hand, it seems a good Constitutional reading that Colorado can make such a law without the U.S. government stepping in and saying, "No, no, no."

Besides, it's such a chic hat.

H/T: Best of the Web Today.

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