Thursday, August 26, 2004

Running interference on the cockroaches

in the midst of a not-bad column: "The insistence on discussing the cockroach in the sink, when there is an elephant in the room, must strike any foreign observer as peculiar."

The columnist, David Warren, is talking about the election's current focus on Vietnam, rather than anything of relevance now and into the future.

I disagree with Warren that we're unable to speak openly about what's going on; rather Kerry has pulled the conversation to Vietnam, by declaring any discussion other than congratulations on his medals off limits.

All Kerry's plans are secret, like his policy on Kosovo. If the children found out that Dad is taking them to get shots, they might not want to go, and then it would be difficult to get them into the car. Much better to say we're going to the carnival instead. Once he's elected, Kerry can tell us about the shots, the secret plans, the taxes and so forth.

It would be nice to kill the cockroach, but we can't, because it's too useful in taking our attention away from the elephant.

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