Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Blogroll, please! Allah Is In The House

With Allah we enter the ranks of the Mighty Bloggers.

Allah is one of a handful of bloggers who have raised satire to an art of ironic role playing, and Allah, the creator of worlds, is also the master of Photoshop, with an awareness of what's going on in the political scene that makes him seem omniscient. (Does Allah have a day job?)

But I found, when I e-mailed him about using a post for an editorial idea at my day job, that though his blog is an awesome blog, the mysterious Allah himself was more grateful than amused. Humility seems to run rampant among the bloggers I've had contact with, even the Mighty.

I supposed I should point out, for the linguistically faint-hearted, that Allah sometimes uses words formerly not allowed on the radio.

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