Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Needs International Whodunnit Thrillers --

When you've got the torture and murder of mysterious monks in Russian Monasteries?

There's a safe with $200,000 in a "successful" monastery (no kidding), suspicions of shady dealings with a certain deposed dictator, torture and murder, a criminal chief buried in the monastery cemetery, the deceased turning out to have doubled as a Russian businessman, monks waiting two hours after finding the body to call the police, and the patriarch calling for a meeting of all senior priests who were close to the deceased.

It's better than a seven-foot-tall albino Opus Dei monk, and it has the additional merit of some plausibility.

I wish I wrote mysteries, because this would be a humdinger.

You can have it, but e-mail me when you get it published, because I want to read it.

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