Thursday, September 15, 2005

Liberal Comedian Sues Blogger

An open letter to Garrison Keillor

Mr. Keillor:

Re: Your action against the "Prairie Ho Companion" T-shirts

Do you know how pathetic this is? You lost your sense of humor years ago -- I'm not sure exactly when -- maybe when your hate for Middle America started driving your material more than your love for it. I'll let you and your shrink discuss that.

But you're brought your big guns against a little T-shirt maker, for a parody obviously doesn't have anything to do with you. But that's just part of your larger project to quash the expression of those who disagree with you, after you said that born-again Christians shouldn't have the right to vote.

What, you were joking? Since when is that a defense? Ah, the elitist life: it works for The Great Garrison Keillor but not the little guy funding his bandwidth with a short run of T-shirts.


Jan Bear
West Linn, Oregon
(A former fan of your work)

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