Friday, October 07, 2005

Jeffrey Dahmer's brain

Practicing four-voice testimony at court reporting school last night, we did this transcript about the disposition of Jeffrey Dahmer's brain.

Here's what I love and can't wrap my mind around: the words are so calm, clinical, ordinary, and the subject matter has Mad Scientist melodrama written all over it. But the father just loves his son, who will be a legendary mass murderer; and the mother just wants science to study his brain, which is in a jar somewhere waiting for a court to decide what to do with it. Another scientist has gotten a grant to study it.

OK, novelists, here's a concept: What if the father of a deceased mass murderer gets wind of a plan to clone his son's brain to create a secret elite corps for world domination?

Don't like it? Neither do I. But do it better. Put it in the comments, if you want.

Just for the record, we've departed from the Dahmer case into FICTION.

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