Saturday, April 17, 2004

UN shootout in Kosovo

A Jordanian UN police officer fires on other UN police officers in one of the hotspots in Kosovo, and wounded 10 Americans and one Australian and killed two Americans.

Concurrently, a Bosnian Muslim has surrendered to Spanish authorities for questioning in regard to the March 11 bombing of the commuter train. He says he just happened to share an apartment with one of the bombers. His father said he went to Spain as a student in 1993 but didn't know what the boy was studying.
Most of Bosnia's Muslims are secular and practice a moderate Islam, although extremist Islamic fighters--many from Arab countries--fought on the Muslim side in the country's 1992-95 war, which killed an estimated 260,000 people.

Now comes a well-meaning Amarillo, Texas, columnist in a 10-gallon hat making the same mistake that fellow-Texan Pres. George W. Bush made at his press conference last week--dropping Kosovo into a list of U.S. success stories. Buckaroo Baxter Black says this:
We are not the bad guys. Our record is a proud one. Remember that fact every time you hear of citizens protesting in Kosovo, Kabul, Krakow, Sarajevo, the Philippines, the Netherlands, in England, East Berlin, Baghdad and every other place on earth where we have won.

There aren't any citizens protesting in Kosovo. There are armed thugs and cowering minorities protected by UN police who shoot each other and NATO troops armed with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Bush didn't put us there, but I wish he'd move that expedition over to the "minus" column.

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