Monday, May 17, 2004

Christian terrorists

Here's something I've wondered about: why Middle Eastern Christians make common cause with the Islamofascists when they must know that they will be as poorly treated, when they cease to be usable, as the Jews.
It appears that Lebanese Christians, not Muslims, were responsible for the firebombing of the Jewish school in Montreal. I am in extensive daily contact with Lebanese Christians, and they are a deeply divided community. Many manifest the dhimmi mentality, subscribing completely to the jihadist agenda, with all its anti-Semitism and fanaticism.

Dhimmi Watch attributes the phenomenon to pan-Arabism; these Christian Arabs are hoping for a place at the Islamist table. The founder of the Baath Party, Michel Aflaq, was an Orthodox Christian who converted to Islam. "Islam is Arab Nationalism," he said.

On the other hand, the site continues, "Aware of this, and also aware that the Islamic Sharia called for by Islamic radical groups would subjugate them as second-class dhimmis no less than it would the Jews of Israel, many other Lebanese Christians reject any common cause with Islam."

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