Saturday, May 29, 2004

Doesn't sound like apocalypticism to me

The Touchstone Magazine blog relates that when Pres. George W. Bush was "asked whether he believed that modern Israel is the land promised to the Jewish people by God, he said, 'I view it a little differently.' Israel is a 'friend, ally, a democracy' in 'a rough neighborhood.' 'We will stand by her if someone tries to annihilate her.' He also supports the existence of a separate Palestinian state."

Of course, they will not be persuaded who believe his loyalty to Israel is part of "the support offered by fundamentalist Protestants [who] interpret the bible’s [sic] prophecy to explain the unfolding events of the Middle East and the world" (book review of Made in Texas in The Globalist).

No, you don't have to have a specific view of Bible prophecy to consider a liberal democracy, however imperfect, a better friend and trustier ally than hooligans, death worshipers and kleptocrats.

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