Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Question for fellow bloggers

Do the folks at your day job know about your blog? (Assuming you've not reached the level of proficiency that your blog is your day job.)

If not, could their reaction bring repercussions?

I'll answer, too, in an update later.

UPDATE: I've gotten a few replies and now that I'm off the clock, I have the time to think about my own questions.

No, I haven't told the people at work abou the blog, for two reasons: I don't think my friends and co-workers would be interested (not sure they even "get" blogging), and I just don't want to take any chances with superiors higher up the ladder.

Because my day job is with a small media outlet. Oddly enough, though, suddenly I'm having more opportunities to combine the efforts. I got a writing assignment yesterday that simply required a revision of a post from earlier this week (how surprisingly quick and easy that went). Now I've been asked to produce something for next week, and Allah has helpfully provided the angle I need to make it work.

Anyway, keep the answers coming. I'm glad to be getting to know my readers (and the bloggers I read) better.

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