Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dads' night at the Republican convention

I guess last night was moms' night, with Laura and the girls, and Arnold who played a mom in a movie once but played to to the moms last night.

But tonight, it was dads all the way, and someone had a lickin' coming, and I'm glad it wasn't me.

Lileks saw it, too, at least in Zell Miller: "The angriest man at hte convention turns out to be a Democrat: who'd have thunk." But Lileks has spent the bulk of his life in the great Prairie North, and I doubt he knows that Southern Dad's-had-just-about-enough-of-this look, and it- won't- do- any- good- to- run,- because- he's- going- out- by- the- woodshed- to- cut- a- switch.

Cheney is your Wyoming rancher dad, who's got some serious life decisions to lay out for you, and you'd better listen up. His self-deprecating jibe at the better hair and sex-appeal of young Johnny Edwards only served to point up the deeper difference between them. You got the sense Edwards was like a young rake wanting to take Lady Liberty out on a date to a dangerous roadhouse.

I'm letting the metaphors run away with me. Both Miller and Cheney had substantial messages, and if you didn't hear it, go to the NPR or C-Span website and hear or read it for yourself.

But I still say it was Dads' night at the convention.

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