Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Zelig Candidate

He sounds more and more like the chameleon-like title character from Woody Allen's 1983 movie who changes his character to match the people he's with and who manages to get himself photographed with important people and important events in history.

First it was the trip into Cambodia. He couldn't just tell Congress he thought sending secret missions into Cambodia was a bad idea. He had to have it "seared, seared" into his memory that Nixon sent him on a mission that no other swift boat went on when Nixon wasn't even president.

Now Captain's Quarters fact checks a 2001 claim that Kerry was in Iraq for the signing of the 1991 peace accords. Apparently, he did visit Iraq a couple of weeks later with a Congressional delegation, but that wasn't good enough to tell Bill O'Reilly (text of the interview is on the Captain's Quarters blog):

O'REILLY: Yes, that was a classic mistake. But if you arm the Kurds in the north of Iraq, you're going to alienate one of our most valuable --

KERRY: I didn't say necessarily the Kurds. There are other members of the opposition. There are people who are outside the country prepared to go in. There are others inside the country. And I believe -- I mean, I was in Safwan. I went there when the signing of the armistice took place at the end of the war.

And I remember seeing that land, which lent itself in my judgment, considerably to the creation of almost an enclave, which I thought we should have done then. And I think is one way to begin to approach things now, but there are other possibilities. The important thing is that Saddam Hussein and the world knows that we think Saddam Hussein is essentially out of sync with the times. He is and has acted like a terrorist. And he is engaged in activities that are unacceptable.

There's something deeply weird about this guy.

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