Tuesday, February 17, 2004

'Attention must be paid'

TP: The Forgotten War: "Four years after it was 'liberated' by a NATO bombing campaign, Kosovo has deteriorated into a hotbed of organized crime, anti-ethnic violence, and even al-Qaeda sympathizers. Though nominally still under UN control, this southern province of Serbia is today dominated by a triumvirate of Albanian paramilitaries, mafia gangs, and terrorists. They control a host of smuggling operations and are implementing what many observers call their own brutal ethnic cleansing of minority groups, namely Serbs, Roma and Jews. This, despite an 18,000-strong NATO-led peacekeeping force and an international police force of more than 4,000. "

I'm dismayed that so few Americans on the left or right are paying attention to this situation. America's war against Serbia fulfilled all the dire predictions of the most recent war on Iraq--targeting civilian infrastructure, civilian casualties, heightening terrorism, destruction of cultural resources, an aftermath of chaos. But it's not the Middle East; it's Europe. And it's a forgotten little war that no one seems to care about.

But since Kosovo is becoming the hub of terrorism in Europe, then Europeans, as well as Americans, would be wise to pay attention.

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