Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Tuesday satire

The Onion Dome is up for this week. Our intrepid editor reports that the Ecumenical Patriarch is suing the Holy American Hellenic Archdiocese. I filed my weekly report on the Moscow Patriarchate's efforts to distance itself from the Sopranos crime family. Marie has timely news about a new Orthodox pet product. And Alexander, our Man in Moscow, reports on an archbishop's reluctance to leave a wedding reception.

And while we're on the subject of satire, this came to me by e-mail:

DNC Boss Defends Donations from Kids, Pets

(2004-02-10) -- The chairman of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) today defended the right of children, and even household pets, to make political contributions.

The remarks came after a story in The New York Times highlighted the fact that children as young as two-years-old legally make contributions to political parties and candidates.

"If your 2nd-grader really believes in a party, or a candidate," said DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, "you can't prevent her from giving, just because some skeptics think its nothing but a way for rich people to violate the contribution caps for individual donations. And if your pet is really committed to a set of ideas and the person who represents them, he or she shouldn't be disenfranchised from contributing."

Mr. McAuliffe said that since Howard Dean's so-called "I Have a Scream" speech in Iowa, the DNC has been deluged with requests from family pets who want to contribute money to the Dean campaign.

"Apparently there was something in that speech which resonated with dogs in particular," he said. "The Bassett Hound and Dalmatian donations have been pouring in."

by Scott Ott

I googled the headline and couldn't find the source.

I usually don't cover politics here. I have my opinions, but there are a lot of political sites run by people more savvy, more informed and more articulate than I am. But I thought this piece was uproarously funny and wonder if anyone knows what satire site it comes from.

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