Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And Frist, too, for that matter

Tim Cavanaugh examines Hillary's chances to make it to the presidency in '08 and finds them miniscule.

For one thing, she's not likeable. As he says, it's not the "Hillary" or the "Clinton" that's the problem (though it probably still is for a substantial minority), but it's that whole Gladys Kravitz manner and her voice like a concrete saw. If the crazies are still in charge of the Democratic Party by 2008, she might get through the convention, but then the voters will look at each other and say, "Do we really want to listen to this for at least the next four years?"

I don't think so.

But that's after another problem that Cavanaugh points out:
But for Senator Hillary Clinton, the White House trouble isn't the "Hillary" part or the "Clinton" part; it's the "Senator" part. The United States Senate isn't just the world's greatest deliberative body and car wash; it's also one of the most prominent and reliable roads to nowhere in American politics.
The clincher is that, unlike her husband, she also has no Elvis.

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