Sunday, August 07, 2005

If it's important to New Yorkers --

you'll find it in the Oregonian.

The Air America scandal has been burbling along for a couple of weeks now, with daily revelations of escaped inside traders, rising sums of money taken from poor kids and old people, and last week the beginning of a state criminal investigation.

You'd think it would be red meat for the New York Times, but no. While the New York Post scoops its behemoth competitor, the Times spends its resources investigating the adoption records of the most recent Supreme Court nominee.

The first line of this post came from a bumper sticker that appeared in Oregon soon after the Packwood scandal broke in the Washington Post.

As the New York Times slowly devolves into irrelevance, it's good to know that there are newspapers, as well as bloggers, out there to take its place.

Oh, and Oregonians won't get the Air American scandal on the news pages either but from its designated "right-wing" columnist -- as is the case around the country. The Associated Press hasn't considered it worthy of coverage either.

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