Friday, August 12, 2005

Islamist fund-raising video

Everybody who goes to church has had a chance to hear from the missionaries. They come back from -- or they're getting ready to go to -- some faraway place, and they've got photos of water projects, other missionaries, the people in church, kids smiling. They tell you about what they plan to do -- fight alcoholism, build water projects, build a clinic, start a school, house orphans, tell people about Jesus and so forth. That's what we've been doing, they say, and with your assistance, we can keep doing it.

Then they pass the hat.

Now imagine that you belong to an terrorist group in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and North America. The "missionaries" show up with their video from Bosnia, 1995. Get out the popcorn, break out your wallets, and tell the kids to gather round. We're going to see a Serb war prisoner killed, piles of bodies lying beside the road, a tractor dragging the body of a civilian through a village, and this clip of Bosnian soldiers mugging for the camera as they rip down icons and shoot at the cross in an empty church. (The news site decided that the rest of the video was too graphic to put on the web.)

That's what we've done in the past, they say, and with your help, we'll do more of it.

And then they invite the viewers to join the cult.

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