Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Senate moves on the Oil for Saddam scandal

The Telegraph reports that the Senate investigation is not playing nice patty cake with the crooks and frauds who perpetrated the UN Oil for Food scam.

Sen. Norm Coleman, chairman of the investigating committee, has demanded that Secty-Gen. Kofi Annan strip Benon Sevan, who led the program, of his diplomatic immunity, opening the Cypriot up for prosecution.

Do you think Annan will agree?

If he does, Sevan may not like accepting the whole responsibility for a fraud that obviously had Annan's blessing, since Kofi's son Kojo was one of the beneficiaries. So if he's charged with this beyond-Enron crime, he might just look around to see whom he can take with him. Would Kofi make a good roommate in Leavenworth?

On the other hand, if Annan refuses to revoke Sevan's immunity, it will be tantamount to admitting his complicity.


They're both probably banking on being able to brazen it out.

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