Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Bishop of Cyberia strikes again

Bishop Tikhon (my bishop, if you want to know how loyal I am to the Church that glimmers like a mud-spattered diamond through time and space) has given us another argument for his retirement:
I don't like much about our times. All this humbug about the corpse of another Pope. The world is not that much diminished by his passing. The world was, however, diminished by the passing of Ray Charles and J. Hunter Thompson. As far as the Christianity of the USA goes, it is not the Pope, but Jimmy Carter who, as the only truly devout Christian President in our time, keeps the memory of a country with Christian aspirations alive, even when its present government is busy abolishing the freedoms of its citizens, and its adherence to decency, as well as morality in government.

I love the music of Ray Charles, and I think Hunter Thompson was a tragic story in the full meaning of the word, and though I think Jimmah Carter is slimy, mean and stupid, and on a short list for the worst president in American history, when he dies, I will keep my mouth shut and let those who admire him have at least 40 days of grief before I reiterate that I think he's slimy, mean, stupid, etc.

Nevski at Novae Militiae said, "Someone has suggested, in light of Vladyka's gift of being able to offend someone somewhere every time he opens his mouth, that he should be renamed Tikhoff."

H/T: Orthodox Net.

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