Monday, April 25, 2005

Depend on the Scotsman for details like this

Some background -- a mass grave containing at least 22 bodies of Serbs, murdered apparently by the Kosovo Liberation Army during the 1998-99 war (Clinton's good little war, according to most of those who think we had no right to attack Iraq, but that's a side shot -- back to the point).

Anyway, writes The Scotsman, while international forensics teams dig through garbage for the hidden bodies and while the families of the dead wail and mourn, members of the international "peace"-keeping force lounge around watching the action, taking photos and eating culturally appropriate lunches.

What a world.
"The scene around them on the ridge was one very typical of internationally-administered post-conflict areas like Kosovo.

German NATO soldiers were responsible for providing the physical security of the site; as The Scotsman arrived, a German paratroop lieutenant snapped to attention and saluted smartly.

Trim and dapper Indian riot policemen in blue and black camouflage had escorted the Serb families, and sat quietly in their white UN armoured vehicles eating picnics from lunch-boxes.

German soldiers served up fish-burgers with tartar sauce from a mobile canteen, Swiss soldiers lounged by a stone wall, a polite Nepalese UN policeman noted everybody’s names down on a clipboard, and two Italian soldiers stood around taking pictures.

As the Serb families were led back up the slope, their screaming and wailing grew louder, culminating in an apogee of grief when one woman, sobbing hysterically, dramatically fainted. 'She wanted to kiss the bones,' said Ms Boskovic, standing nearby and watching."

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