Friday, July 15, 2005

The Media Really Are Conservative after All

The American Society of Newspaper Editors, along with other journalistic organizations and 3,000 individuals are getting behind journalist Judith Miller in her courageous effort to protect her "source" -- Karl Rove? -- who has signed releases allowing anyone to report anything he said. But, by God, she's protecting her source whether he wants to be protected or not.

Unless he's not her source.

But wait!

Miller's newspaper, the New York Times had an editorial in which it all but verified that Rove is the guy:
Far be it for us to denounce leaks. . . .

But it is something else entirely when officials peddle disinformation for propaganda purposes or to harm a political adversary. And Karl Rove seems to have been playing that unsavory game . . . .

First, let me just get one thing out of my system: the cliche is "far be it from us." Don't you morons have editors? Much better. Back to the point.

Although the Times is drawing on Time's reporter's e-mail exchange with Rove, there's no recognition that Miller's "protected" source could be anyone else. In the meantime, Miller sits in jail (I wonder if she's in the Martha Stewart Suite) burnishing her sanctity and probably rewriting her Pulitzer speech, even though she never wrote a story based on the information she says she's hiding -- all because her employer won't let her blow the whistle on what the Times has said from the beginning was a crime: the "outing" of a CIA hack and her toady husband, desk jockey and grandstander, whose idea of being covert is getting photographed in '60s spy outfits for a spread in Vanity Fair.

And I thought the Jerusalem Patriarchate was a mess.

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