Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So What Is Your Point, Trudeau?

Smug, elitist Gerry Trudeau has had it with those upstart bloggers who put their ideas, thoughts, opinions out in the ether for anyone to see, without collecting cartoon royalties like the Great Trudeau Himself.

Obviously, anyone who can't post color pictures every day on doesn't have anything interesting to say. That's why Instapundit, one of the megabloggers, averages over 100,000 hits per day.

Instead, Trudeau's hits will undoubtedly spike because he snarked the bloggers.

I don't know what Trudeau's tired, stereotyped characters were doing in September of 2004, but I can guarantee that Trudeau, the self-billed "journalist," wasn't uncovering an attempt to defraud the voters. Leave that to the catfood-eating bloggers at Freepers and Little Green Footballs, who revealed Dan Rather's blatantly forged Texas Air National Guard memos.

Give me a five-hit-a-day blogger dealing with real life in his own unique way over an aging, self-important Baby Boomer with a box of colored pencils.

H/T: Grace

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