Wednesday, July 13, 2005

There's a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza

Why are Democrats trying to get Karl Rove on the block? Was it because he referred to some CIA desk jockey, not by name, whose truth-challenged, grandstanding husband got to go on a Niger junket and then lied about the results when he got back home?

No, more likely it's because he's done such a good job of Republican blogger mind control.

If those so suddenly concerned about national security were serious, they would have more serious charges against Sens. Kerry and Lugar. And more yet on the New York Times, which outed an entire CIA flight operation in a golly-gee-whiz feature story that makes you wonder what they were thinking -- either it's "Really? Someone other than American citizens read the New York Times, in the age of the worldwide web?" or it's "What do your petty concerns about the war on terror have to with us?" I suspect it's the latter.

If today's New York Times had been around for Operation Fortitude, it would have featured this "analysis":
While posing as an army preparing to attack at Calais, the First U.S. Army Group is actually a "time-out" for dishonored Gen. George S. Patton and a vacation time for the handful of troops marking time at a dummy base in southern England.

Offering the wild tale that they are trying to deceive the Germans about the true nature of a planned attack on Normandy, the U.S. government is wasting valuable money on unused battle patches and on moving vehicles around, when it could be looking for Adolph Hitler.

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