Sunday, May 15, 2005

Because it's important to know

I don't know what should be done about North Korea, but the first step is knowing the truth.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has published a piece by a South Korean pro-democracy activist. I've heard bits and hints of this over the past couple of years, but this gathers many of the horrific details in one place. Here's a sample, but read the whole thing:
The sadistic regime led by Kim Jong Il has developed and maintained all kinds of extreme terror machines in order to cruelly suppress any dissident opposition. They range from gulags and the forced abortion of babies of prisoners to public firing squads and execution by burning, though the latter is rare. During the extreme famine of the late 1990s when about 3 million people starved to death in North Korea, public executions were staged nearly every month in every town in order to prevent spontaneous uprisings by the local population, according to Jang Yeop Hwang, the former secretary of North Korea's ruling North Korea Workers' Party. On many occasions, some of the victim's family members came out before the executions and declared: "Though you are my son, you are a traitor and a puppet of imperialists. You therefore deserve your death."

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