Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Republican bashing

I know a man, a Democrat to the core, who says that one bad Democrat is worth more than ten good Republicans. Today I agree with him (he would call John McCain a good Republican). Toss in Voinovich and you can have eight "good" (read that, spaghetti-spined, mush-mouthed, roll-over-and-screech) Republicans for any Democrat you can name.

The chickens made a deal with the foxes that the chickens won't lock the door of the hen house, if the foxes will eat the hens only under the direst emergency. I don't blame the foxes -- it's their nature to bargain in bad faith; I do blame the chickens. But maybe that's not fair. They're only brainless, flightless birds, bred to be the eternal victims of the barnyard.

UPDATE: James Taranto is more sanguine about the deal than I am.. I hope to be proven wrong.

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