Friday, May 06, 2005

Increasing the civility, one press release at a time

Catholics for Faithful Citizenship is distancing itself from Sen. Ken Salazar's decision to call Focus on the Family's James Dobson "the anti-Christ."
Salazar’s response is not condoned by Catholics for Faithful Citizenship.

We must work to recognize our shared faith and find room for reasonable and thoughtful debate.

So far, so good, but CFFC continues:
Focus on the Family has consistently tried to shut down debate by questioning the faith and morals of those who disagree with them. Most recently, they have used the debate over the use of the filibuster to personally attack the values of public officials who support the filibuster.

Huh? I can't say I've read everything Dobson has said or written, and I'm not a big fan of his, but . . . When did he question the faith or morals of those who disagree with him? When has he tried to shut down debate? And by what means? How do questions shut down a debate? He made some easily misinterpreted remarks about Sponge Bob Square Pants, which have been vigorously misinterpreted -- but can anyone say that the debate was shut down? Finally, when did he personally attack the values of any public officials? Quotes, people, I'd like to see quotes.

On the other hand, from CFFC's own website:
"William Donohue Sells both his Soul and the Catholic League to the Right”
"Senator Frist votes for legislation denying bankruptcy option to millions of average Americans, while he declares moral bankruptcy himself, declaring that God demands Republican judges.

CFFC concludes its Salazar release with a worthy sentiment:
We must not attack one another’s faith because of political disagreements. Personal attacks revolving around the filibuster are a clear manipulation and misuse of scripture and faith. We call on all Christians to unite behind the consistent and true meaning of the Gospels, and to condemn these politically-motivated attacks that manipulate our faith.
Good idea. Why not start with your own press releases?

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