Monday, May 30, 2005

Students for sanity

A column in the University of Oregon newspaper, provocatively titled "10 reasons not to kill Bush" proves that not all of the Left have lost their minds:
In all seriousness, I don't hate President Bush. I dislike a lot of his administration's choices, but I think he's a good man doing a difficult job. As a leader, you're always going to be hated. I am too often shocked by the vitriolic repulsion many people feel for our leader and America in general, especially because the loathing is often poorly informed. I've met people on this campus who see America as the worst human rights abuser in the world (unlike the angelic paradise of Cambodia) and people who sway liberal not because they actually know anything about issues but because it's popular.

Liberalism has to be more than a college fad or a collection of loudmouths whose idiotic comments stir headlines. The rabid dislike some people feel for a man they've never even met makes me ashamed to be a Democrat.

I've heard middle-aged adults who understand American politics say they wished the grenade had exploded. I don't believe they were threatening (or I'd have called the FBI), but that exhibit of bitterness makes me distrust their character. They show themselves less mature than this college student.

This writer, Jennifer McBride, could teach a lot of people how to argue more effectively and keep the door open for future persuasion even with people whose policies she opposes.

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