Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Blogroll please! Arma Virumque

The name sounds like a centurion clearing his throat, and reading it always makes me wish I lived closer to New York. Where, other than the New Criterion's weblog, will you read a letter from a mad mullah explaining why his faith requires him to be agnostic on the lunar landing. The rest of that nonsense, about the earth revolving around the sun, the sheikh was not prepared to countenance. The Coughing Centurion plans to send him some books by Copernicus and Gallileo.

But don't just read the articles. The blogroll is where I found StephenEsque, who started the a Blog train I posted a song about a couple of days ago (good thing I'm not audioblogging; I'd have had to come up with a tune).

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