Sunday, November 07, 2004

Just for the record

I wasn't link-fishing (or linke-fishinge) when I added The Misspent Life and Blimpish to my blogroll. I put blogs on my blogroll because I like to read them myself.

I found both of them by way of Outer Life, which I found by way of Stephenesque, which I found by way of Armavirumque, which is coincidentally up next in my "Blogroll, please!" series.

Which puts me in mind of a song that somebody ought to write:
Blog train comin', comin' your way.
Blog train comin'. Read it every day.
Got no time for workin'; got no time to play
'Cause the blog train's comin'. Read it every day.

Refrain: Everybody get on the blog train!
Woo Woo! Get on the blog train!
Or not.

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